Funkmaster Flex drew a wave of criticism after he claimed on Instagram Live that the late Tupac Shakur accidentally shot himself during the infamous 1994 attempted robbery of the rapper at Quad Studios in Manhattan, N.Y. In the wake of the backlash, Flex again took to IG to further elaborate and clear the air.

After shouting out Mister Cee, Ed Lover, Angie Martinez and others, Flex proceeded to talk about the events surrounding Pac's '94 shooting and the controversy regarding Flex's earlier comments.

"I know you guys only saw a small clip of what I was talking about, and I get it--my energy was getting under peoples' skin because of how hard I was going...and I know I was going hard with my energy," Flex says in the video.

In regards to people thinking that Flex was reopening old East/West wounds, Flex points out in the video that 2Pac lived in Harlem, then discusses how Flex himself was playing Digital Underground records on the radio in 1990. He then says that he respects T.I., who addressed him after Flex's earlier statements, but says that Tip was too young to know everything that was going on in the early 1990s. Flex talked about the energy in his earlier video being "the wrong energy" and clarified that he wasn't trying to disrespect the dead.

"But y'know--Notorious B.I.G. died also...someone else died, also," Flex continued. "With Pac, his contribution to the game is second to none. From his lyrics to the people he's inspired, I loved him before Death Row Pac. I loved 'I Get Around,' 'Dear Mama.'"

"Biggie did not set him up in that studio that night to get robbed," "That is my only issue. There were people in that studio, he came to visit.

"Little Sean, I think, was in the studio. It was Quad, right? There's no disrespect in anything I've said so far."

Flex addressed Pac's claims that Biggie and Puff knew who was planning to rob 2Pac in 1994.

"Whenever you're carrying a pistol on you already and you're a celebrity, you know you have a problem with somebody," Flex said, referring to 2Pac being armed that night. "The claim is that the Notorious B.I.G. set him up. When you say [that] and you're an artist that now lives on the West Coast, there's a whole team of people against Biggie. That disliked him."

"We ain't supposed to call false names in the street," Flex also said. "And you supposed to take out your issue with people you have an issue with."

Flex repeated adamantly that his issue with Pac is that Flex believes 2Pac intentionally lied.

"2Pac lied, bro," Flex continued. "I know the whole disrespecting the dead people are funny about that--but the Notorious B.I.G. is dead also and I wanna stay on that forever. "

You can watch the full Flex video above.

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