Snow, sleet, freezing rain, hail, graupel - weather in Western New York has been an adventure recently. 

We’re no strangers to bad weather in the Buffalo area. In fact, we’ve already gotten a ton of snow already this year.

So how is it that the second winter-Esque weather returns to the area, so many Buffalo drivers forget how to drive in it? It is so, so infuriating. 

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Drivers That Drive Way Too Fast

In one Buffalo commute, I saw two instances of people not knowing how to navigate driving in cold, slippery road conditions.

One driver barrelled past everyone else, going probably 80mph even though the wintery mix bounced all over. They were constantly breaking and swerving into different lanes just to get ahead of the pack.

Listen, buddy - Just because you have four-wheel drive doesn’t give you the right to drive like you’re on an open road in the summertime.

Drivers That Drive Way Too Slow

On the flip side, I saw another car do the exact opposite. This vehicle crawled on a 55mph road, causing the other drivers around them to slam on their brakes to avoid crashing into their bumper.

Sure, you think you’re a safe driver because you’re overly cautious, but not if you’re putting everyone else at risk.

Do People Really Forget How To Drive In Winter Weather?

I don’t actually believe that people forget how to operate a moving vehicle safely when the snow first arrives. Truthfully, I think both of these types of drivers - the ones who go way too fast and the ones who go way too slow - never knew how to drive safely in the winter to begin with. 

Everyone who drives like a jerk in cold weather should be forced to go practice in a parking lot to learn proper speed, how to take turns to avoid skids, accelerate, and stop safely before they’re allowed back on the roads with the drivers who actually know how to drive safely in the winter weather.

The Most Buffalo Way To Measure Snow

Buffalo is known for several things, snow, wings, Bills football, and for being a drinking town. So when we measure snow, we do it in the most Buffalo way, using beer cans.

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