Today's Know Thy Self topic of conversation addressed the biggest problems facing black families. And as the Federal Government debates how to avoid the middle class from going over the "Fiscal Cliff" in 2013, people who live in poverty are trying to figure out how to feed their family on just $50/week! 


With Newark, New Jersey Mayor Cory Booker taking the #SNAPChallenge viral, people across America are waking up to the fact that there are millions of people, dependent on Food Stamps, that are allotted $4 - $7 for their "Daily Bread".

Today I talked with several WBLK listeners about this minimal food budget to find out A) Can you afford to eat healthy? B) Is SNAP (the new term for the New York State Food Stamp program) a supplementary source of food or a necessity? C) Is the Government out of touch with the real cost of living in 2012?

Here is the dialogue from today's on air Know Thy Self Community Conversation:

Caller 1 says there's not enough money at the end of the month to supplement food costs.

Interestingly enough, a survey by the Show of Hands Mobile App shows that the majority of Americans don't even know how much they spend on food each day. Shedding light on the reality that the poor is expected to adhere to budgets that the rich and middle class don't even consider an option! Click here to grab the free app.

Another caller who receives $500 / month in SNAP benefits says you CAN eat healthy, but you have to cook instead of buying prepared meals.

This lady's advice to those struggle to eat on $5/day "Get a Job!"

But for persons with disabilities, that is not an option.

In the words of the great Poet Tupac Shakur

"They Got Money For Wars, But Can't Feed the Poor!"

In this Capitalistic society, we cannot have wealth without poverty. Poverty is defined by its comparison to wealth, and wealth is defined by its comparison to poverty. The more extreme the wealth, the more extreme the poverty, by comparison.

For decades, Republican programs have created more poverty, and now that they've succeeded in pushing more and more people into poverty, they want to gut the systems that support the poor their policies created.

Real wages are at an all-time low when corporate profits are at an all time high. American workers have less buying power than they've had in decades, and the Republican response to that is to complain about their need for assistance to continue to keep their heads above water.

Republicans have selective memory in that regard. They cheer lead policies that create a larger poor population, gut the buying power of the typical American worker, redistribute all that wealth into the hands of the plutocrats, and then ridicule the people they've impoverished!

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