It’s cuffing season, and you know what that means: single people are looking for a special someone to spend those big winter holidays with. 

Cuffing season typically begins in October and continues until just after Valentine's Day, which means you may find yourself looking for the perfect place to take your potential “special someone” on a first date. 

If you’re looking for a place that has all your bases covered, from moderate prices to a variety of food options (including vegetarian options and good drinks), this is the only list you need. 

Western New York has tons of places with a fun atmosphere and there’s always different activities you can do around the area. 

The difficult part of choosing a location for a first date is not so much deciding where you can go, but rather which option you want to choose. 

Here are the top 15 places to take someone for a quality first date, according to Western New Yorkers

  1. 99 Brick Oven - absolutely delicious, and has a good bar.

  2. La Bella Sicillia - it’s one of the best gems in Western New York; little Italian restaurant on Genesee.

  3. Ballyhoo - good food and drinks, a fun environment with late night mac n cheese. 

  4. Sloppy Steaks at Trufoni’s

  5. Hydraulic Hearth - you can walk down to Buffalo Distilling for more cocktails too.

  6. Waxlight Bar a Vin

  7. The Gypsy Parlor - record store and thrift store right next to it. 

  8. INIZIO - great food and delicious drinks - nice date spot

  9. Trattoria Aroma - upscale menu with Italian wines, top-notch Sunday brunch & a flower-lined patio.

  10. Breezy Burrito - great food and drinks

  11. Strong Hearts - an entirely vegan menu, perfect for vegetarians. 

  12. Cafe 59 - vegetarian and vegan options with good drinks in a feel-good comfy place

  13. Wasabi on Elmwood - great food in an intimate setting

  14. Roost on Niagara - share a pizza and an appetizer with a few drinks.

  15. Pizza Plant at Canalside - they have  a ton of vegetarian options on their menu, then walk next door to Southern Tier for drinks.

Another few honorable mentions included Misuto Chows and Pocketeers. 

Obviously the first date is a lot of pressure, but if you be true to yourself, you’ll find a person worth cuffing this season. 

Oh, and don’t forget to say “Go Bills!” at the end of the date. 

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