Lol What if you wife recently divorces you and then you hit the lottery lol. The smile on my face would stretch from Buffalo To Miami.

Alittle back story with this one, Eileen Murray had been taking care of her unemployed husband Mike for about 15 years now She said he could never hold down a long time job, and that she was the bread winner, I understand that can cause a ripple in many relationship especially when you are not trying to provide for your family.

They called in quits in early 2019 right but seeing how Eileen Made most of the money in the relationship SHE STILL HAS TO PAY HIM! (wow Mary J Blige) Long story short, after they broke the marriage off Mike Wins the Freaking lottery lol like 273 million dollars lottery, What are odds!


All the Ex Wife wants is to stop paying him alimony when he obviously doesn’t need her “pocket change.”
oh. yea also she wants him to use his money wisely, primarily using it to support his family

wow what a story

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