If you're ever planning to see a concert, the very first place you'll want to check is The Seneca Niagara Casino.  It's definitely the place where "ENTERTAINMENT IS WORTH SHARING"!!!  So let me share with you!

Saturday, December 29 was again proof that when Seneca Niagara Casino books a concert, they are not playin' around.  Not only did I have the privilege of seeing one of the most Legendary Bands in the History Of Music, thanks to the wonderfully accommodating folks who represent the facility; I was able to actually meet and photograph with two of the Original Band Members...of which there are only three left in a band that numbers at least 12 or more members.

If the names Phillip Bailey, Verndine White, and Ralph Johnson ring a bell...then you already know I'm speaking about the forever famous "Elements Of The Universe"....EARTH, WIND, & FIRE!!!!!

Todd Anderson, Tanya Young, Ralph Johnson
Seneca Niagara Casino

After 40 years of performances, you'd think these Mega-Stars would be tired or at least ready to retire...however, 40 years later on this day, December 29, 2012 at the Seneca Niagara Casino's Event Center, the energy and drive of Earth, Wind, And Fire captivated a completely sold-out...standing room only crowd of persons diverse in culture and age ranging from college kids in their twenties to Grandparents in their seventies!

Verndine White, who has to be at least 60 years-old, bounced around stage just as he did in his twenties.  Phillip Bailey's high pitched vibrato on songs like "Reasons" & "Fantasy" was glass-shattering ...no wonder there were no drinks allowed in the venue itself....but right outside the entrance doors of the Event Center auditorium...the bartenders had to be panicking in anticipation of a first hand example of the famous "Is It Live or Is It Memorex" commercial!  Phillip Bailey's son was even on hand as a singer himself...now a part of his Father's Legendary Band.  The younger members of Earth, Wind, & Fire played so exquisitely, and with such perfection and tightness, that you were left thinking you were listening to the EWF CD you listened to in your car on the way to the show!

Verndine White, Tanya Young, Todd Anderson
Seneca Niagara Casino

The Seneca Event Center venue's sound was nothing short of amazing, as were the Mammoth Video Screens on either side of the stage for you to view if you wanted to see how white the performers teeth were.  Aside from that desire, there was not a bad seat in the house...the room provides for electricity and intimacy simultaneously.  There were moments of bliss on "After The Love Is Gone", "Devotion" and "Reasons"...and then moments of hand clapping rhythm and a dancing frenzy on "Boogie Wonderland", "September", "In The Stone", "Let's Groove" and a host of other Classics!!!

The night offered an unforgettable experience all around, due to one of the Greatest ...if not THE GREATEST BAND EVER, coupled with the ambience, luxurious setting, glamour, and hospitality within the Seneca Event Center!  Seneca Niagara Casino's claim that this is "THE Place" where "ENTERTAINMENT IS WORTH SHARING", is accurate to a "T"!

Aretha Franklin
Seneca Niagara Casino, March 2, 2013

Many more shows of this magnitude are scheduled to follow in weeks and months to come including the March 2, 2013 concert featuring the Legendary "QUEEN OF SOUL" - ARETHA FRANKLIN!!!





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