He is known as Gandalf the Grey, later as Gandalf the White, Old Greybeard, and Gandalf the Wandering Wizard. Well, apparently he wandered from Middle Earth all the way to Upstate New York to the town of Whitehall, NY.

I loved the Lord of the Rings books and when I saw this estate sale I immediately thought to myself that this looks like the kind of wizard house that Gandalf the Grey would summer at. The house, the contents, and the property just scream an eclectic old wizard lived here.

Some of the items that are for sale in this very unique property are the kind of things you's expect to see in a home in Middle Earth. I talked to Mark Williams, who owns Complete Estate Solutions, LLC and he told me that this was one of the most unique properties that he's ever experienced. He said that they are finding new and unique treasures every day.

Complete Estate Solutions specializes in unique estate sales. Sales with a very specific niche buyer. Like his upcoming sale with around 100 old Victrola record players and another with some unique classic cars. Follow their Facebook page for more info on upcoming sales and check out more details on the Estate Sale at Gandalf's summer home at www.estatesales.net The sale is this weekend, Saturday, May 15th from 10 am to 4 pm.

Estate Sale At Gandalf The Grey's Summer House

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