After being in operation for 28 months, and fielding nearly 300,000 phone calls, Erie county is pulling the plug on a service that was a sign of the COVID times.

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The phone will ring, and be answered for the final time tomorrow, June 30th, at the Erie County COVID-19 Information Line.  Calls to the line have steadily declined as the world has slowly made its way out of quarantine, and the pandemic.  With that in mind, the Erie County Department of Health has made the decision to pull the plug on its COVID-19 Information Line.

The line was set up in the early days of the pandemic and offered Erie County residents a dedicated service for nearly two-and-a-half years that provided information about COVID testing, safety, and vaccine appointments.

Erie County Commissioner of Health Dr. Gale Burstein said via a press release:

Our call takers had to be responsive and informed, even at times where the information that we had changed from day to day and hour to hour...They became subject matter experts, problem solvers, and a calm voice on the other end of the line during uncertain times.

Starting at 4 pm on June 30th, the County COVID-19 Information Line operators will no longer be available, as a transition will begin to an automated recording.  The recording will direct callers to the ECDOH website for COVID-related information, but will still provide the option to be transferred to a live contact during business hours.

You will also be able to acquire a duplicate vaccine record card, Excelsior Pass, or make a vaccination appointment by being transferred to a live operator for assistance by calling 716-858-2929.

You can get more information on COVID-19 at the EDFOH website, or COVID vaccination information by CLICKING HERE.

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