Inside Tmz - Terrence Howard's Ex-Wife Accused Of Blackmail


Empire star Terrence Howard is attempting to cut off spousal support to his ex-wife Michelle after she allegedly blackmailed him, TMZ reports.

According to the report, Michelle is receiving a hefty payment deal - five years of spousal support for only a year-long marriage - from Howard because she threatened to leak photos and videos that the actor worried would ruin his career. One of the photos reportedly shows Terrence in the shower.

Right now she gets $5,800.00 a month and whenever Terrence makes anything over $62,000.00 a quarter she gets 21% of his earnings. Now since Terrence is on a hit show where he makes $125,000.00 per episode of empire you can see how this can get extremely expensive.

Now I’m not saying she’s a gold digger …… Ok maybe I am.

Terrence is allegedly planning to make a formal legal claim this month.


The Talk - Terrence Howard's Ex-Wife Accused Of Blackmail