If you see this on the ground, your first instinct may be to pick it up…but don’t do it.

I get it. You see a $1 bill on the ground and you think, “Oo my lucky day! I found a dollar.”

Nobody else seems to be around, so you think you got lucky. It’s only a dollar…what’s the harm in picking up a dollar bill?

Renee Parsons was traveling through Tennessee when she picked up $1 she saw on the ground in a McDonald’s parking lot, and within minutes of touching it, she passed out.

Her husband was with her when it happened, and he told news outlets that his wife looked like she was dying. 

Renee told WFLA that she “couldn’t even breathe. It’s almost like a burning sensation, if you will, that starts here at your shoulders, and then it just goes down because it’s almost like it’s numbing your entire body.”

Renee’s speech slurred as her husband drove to the closest hospital, but on the way there, she touched her husband’s arm with the same hand she touched the dollar bill with.

Her husband also began to feel some of the same effects, including a rash on his arm and a numbed mouth.

After about an hour, Mr. Parsons’ symptoms stopped, but it took an additional three hours for Renee to recover from her accidental overdose.

The local authorities that responded to the incident in Tennessee feel confident that fentanyl or a drug with similar effects was somehow in the money, meaning that the dollar bill could have been used to cut or store those drugs.

To give you some perspective, fentanyl is 50 times stronger than heroin and 100 times stronger than morphine, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

One officer took to Facebook to warn people that there have been more than a few incidents now that occurred after a person came into contact with a dollar bill.

Photo Credit: Public Facebook Post
Photo Credit: Public Facebook Post

Even a small amount of this drug is “more than enough to kill anyone that comes into contact with [it],” the Giles County Sheriff Department posted on Facebook.

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