The warmer weather and increased amount of sunshine make it easier to do things. For me, I would love to take a road trip a few times a month. While doing so, I always make sure I am filled up on gas, I check my oil and tire pressure.

We can be prepared before our adventures and have all the necessary items in our vehicle before taking off. When I bought my car, it came with an emergency car kit which made me think if others have the same.

Here are a few items to keep in mind, put into your vehicle and have with you while you take on your next road trip.

Start off with a clear bin to help keep all these items organized.


The first and foremost thing I always have in my car is water. I know that we aren’t supposed to drink warm water from plastic bottles, but this would be just in case.


Try to avoid anything that will melt such as chocolate and protein bars. Stock up on nuts, crackers, and dried fruit.


Having a phone charger for your car is a must-have but also important to have a backup. Be sure to grab an extra cord to have in case.


Growing up, my dad always kept a flashlight in my car. In case if you need to see something late at night, call for help or simply see something on the road, I now understand why having one is important.

First-Aid Kit

A little kit with bandages, ointment, tweezers and more could be beneficial for an all-time year use.

Do you have a summer car kit? What do you keep in your car? Let us know below.

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