So in December 2016, I weighed 350lbs. Today I weigh 270lbs. I know a lot of us say we are going to diet and then end up switching back to old habits. IT'S EASY once you get the basics down! Losing weight is 80% watching what you eat and 20% working out, so it's not as bad as many think! Here are my tips on how to get started losing weight.

  1. DRINK WATER--Add flavor packs, do what you got to do to make water taste good. Once you master drinking water, there is no stopping you.
  2. FIND WAYS TO WALK--Don't park so close to the door of the store you going in. The summer is almost here, why not go to Delaware Park--or any park--and do a few laps listening to 93.7 WBLK on our mobile app.
  3. PORTION CONTROL--You don't have to eat the whole box of pizza! 1-2 slices is ok. In order to lose weight you have to take in less, keep that in mind. I found one vegetable, I ate it for a week straight. I hate that vegetable now, but it opened me up to more and better veggies. NO MORE FAST FOOD.
  4. CONSISTENCY--Spend 1 hour a day in the gym or anywhere working out, you can still watch your shows listening to favorite album. It's only 1 hour out of your day. Start slow, finish strong.

I'm not saying this is the best way, but this is what worked for me. I'm always on the go, so it can be done without changing your entire lifestyle. If you always on the go, rock out with the water, walk more and no more fast food--you will be great.

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