Does anyone else love taking a look at the police blotter every week in the paper (errr...or on Facebook I guess)?

As you go look through the police blotter of your local town, sometimes it will really open up your eyes as to what is going on in your town: some of the strange stuff, some of the unusual stuff, but certainly, it is entertaining stuff for sure.

For instance, I live in the Lancaster-Depew area and I FEEL as though we live in this nice, supportive community where everyone is always there for each other in the good times and the bad. But, then there is another totally different type of people. For example....all of the people that are always going to that Freeman Road motel. Anyone that reads the blotter knows that you can read that the 'police have been dispatched to a Freeman Rd hotel' at least 3 times during the blotter.

Every. Single. Week.

Take this character for example in Depew. Depew police got a phone call after a guy stuck a knife in accident. Just read what happened.

Only in Depew...LOL

The best part of the story. He wasn't even bleeding? According to the police blotter:

The wound appeared to be a superficial laceration with no bleeding. The male stated he had no intention of harming himself, he lives alone and no one else was present. The male was transported to the hospital for further evaluation of his injury.

This morning on Clay and Company we were talking about the person who has to write up the police blotter every week. They have to have some of the strangest stories, read some of the most unusual things.

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