On Saturday nearly 3,000 fans showed up for a free, all ages, live concert event at Tompkins Square Park in New York City. Thousands of unmasked, people completely ignoring the state's social distancing guidelines and mask mandates. Literally slamming into each other, voices chanting, mouths open and spit flying.

So how was this event allowed to happen this way? According to NYC.gov, for outdoor performances, Governor Cuomo announced that the maximum number of people that could gather is 200 and that expands to 500 with proof of vaccine or a negative COVID-19 test. Event organizers are the responsible parties for enforcing patron compliance.  These photos show a failure to meet requirements.

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YouTube.com- stonefilmsnyc

While this appears to be mayhem, there was some charity raised with the show featuring Madball, Murphy's Law, Bloodclot and The Capturers with a $6,000 donation to the New York Firefighters Burn Center Foundation.

We have all waited a long time for concerts to return and be a regular occurrence again. The actions of the fans and promoter of Saturday's show, could set future concerts back if proven to be a super-spreader event. Concert calendars across New York state are filling up with rescheduled dates. Another hardcore show is planned for May 8th in Tompkins Square Park.

Will this lack of enforcement of the mandates and guidelines and the lack of compliance of fans continue? If so, will we be headed toward another shutdown? These questions are likely to be answered in the next couple of weeks through contact tracing and with regard to the way future events will be handled.



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