Just over a year ago on March 5, 2016, Saprina Wilkins lost her 22 Year-Old son, James Mitchell to gun violence.  Mitchel was was murdered on the 300 block of Weston Ave., at about 11 p.m. according to what his mother shared with News Sources.

The homicide is merely one of the more than 30 unsolved homicides, according to Buffalo Police Department statistics from 2016.  2017 has already seen There have been 17 gun violence homicides with only one case solved (according to Reports).

Ironically, James Mitchell was a student at Bryant & Stratton pursuing a career in Criminal Justice and his Mom doesn't want his aspirations to go without completion...unfortunately by way of solving his own homicide.

So Saprina Wilkins had organized a Non-Profit Organization called 'LOVE IS LOUD'.  The goal of the organization is to gain City& County-Wide support in an effort to solve Buffalo's unsolved homicides (not only her son's) and curb the violence and killings in Buffalo in general.


The homicide victim's Mom, Saprina Wilkins said this of the Buffalo Community, according to News Reports.:

“As long as they’re silent, the murders are going to continue.”

Wilkins said this about her son James Mitchell:

“He was doing something with his life and that’s what really hurts because someone took his future from him, took his future from us.  Instead of seeing him walk across the stage, getting his degree we had to be making funeral plans for him.”

Hopefully the Buffalo Community will stand with Saprina Wilkins in full support of her quest with the same attitude she has expressed to News Sources:

“When you love someone you can’t be quiet, you can’t be silent, love is an action word.  If I can help someone else to get through this or if I can be an encouragement to someone else to let them know we can make a difference, people will talk if they know they can trust you, if they know their word means something.  We can be out there helping ourselves and I believe if we come together in the community and the community sees us doing this, the crime rate may go down."

If you're a willing member of the Proud Buffalo Community and want to help through volunteering or providing a financial donation to 'LOVE IS LOUD' Click the link below and participate.

Saprina Wilkins assistance began at Refreshing Springs on Genesee Street and the company she works for helped her create the LOVE IS LOUD website, according to News Reports.

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