A new report by Fox 5 in New York has revealed more details about the murder of Chinx. NYPD detectives Lt. Louron Hall and Lt. Richard Rudolph said that the late Chinx was not a victim of a drive-by shooting. The rapper was targeted according to the detectives.

"I wouldn't call it a set up, but was he a target? Yes... So, we believe our shooter walked up and fired into that car," Lt. Rudolph said. "He [Chinx] was not involved, as far as we know, with any type of serious drugs. But he was about to make it big. He was going to make money. Nobody who knows anything about this murder, specifically, is cooperating with the police at this time."

Almost a year after Chinx's murder, police still don't have a suspect. The detectives are working on a number of different theories, but none of these are related to Chinx's past. Lt. Hall stressed that the police need help from those who might know anything about what took place on the night of the murder.

"When he arrives at Queens Boulevard and Main Street, that's when an unknown individual approaches the driver's side of Chinx's vehicle," Lt. Hall said. "Individuals in the rap industry, we really need those people to come forward."

The investigation has already dealt with its fair share of complications. Coke Boys affiliate Yemen, the passenger who was wounded in the shooting, stopped helping police. A previous report by Fox 5 expressed concerns that the case would never be solved.

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