Buffalo Bills Fans all over the world know of all-time great and Hall of Famer Bruce Smith. According to ftw.usatoday.com, Bruce participated in the celebrity edition of Family Feud, Mr.Smith was given the second position of the final-round in "Fast Money", so in case your not familiar with the game, the player can not repeat the same answer as the player in the first position gave.

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According to ftw.usatoday.com, Bruce Smith was asked,

If Caption Hook was moonlighting as a handyman, he might might replace his hook with what tool?

Bruce answered "Hammer", which had already been used. Mr. Smith could not think of another tool with the clock running down, so he quickly replied "Penis".

I've met Bruce Smith and I had the pleasure of Dj-ing one of his events at the 716 Sports Bar in downtown Buffalo, Bruce is an extremely funny guy, although I'm sure he was under some pressure with that response, I'm not surprised with that answer coming from the all-time great Hall of Famer. Mr. Steve Harvey was certainly caught off guard.

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