There’s word that Burger King is changing its french  fry recipe for the first time since the late  90’s. Seems like the competition is forcing the second largest hamburger chain to step up their game.

The new Burger King fries are suppose to be thicker, lower in sodium and has a coating that makes them crisper and keeps them hotter longer. Now you’re talking. Did they say hotter longer? There is God lol.

One of my pet peeves is cold fries.  I’ll send me fries back in a heartbeat.  I usually order them from the fryer or with no salt to make sure they are hot enough.  There’s something about cold fries. It’s not a good taste.  Thank you Burger King. 

Look for the new thicker fries to be in North American restaurants by December 5. Don’t forget December 16 “Free Fries Friday.” You’ll be able to get a free complimentary value size  order of the new fries. No purchase is necessary, while supplies last.

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