Tis the season! This time of year there is nothing we love more than fresh baked goods! Especially with the holidays approaching. So we asked you what your favorite Western New York bakeries were and you answered!

You voted and here are the winners -- the Cellino & Barnes Best 8 Bakeries in Buffalo. Tweet your favorites using #TheBest8. So let us know on Twitter @Cellino_Barnes and keep checking in to find out the results.

  • 8

    Vin-Chet Bakery

  • 7

    Romeo & Juliet's Bakery & Cafe

  • 6

    Renee's Bakery

  • 5

    Mazureks Bakery

  • 4

    Sweet Beginnings

  • 3

    Ohlson's Bakery

  • 2

    Eileen's Bakery

  • 1

    And Number One Is....

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