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Buffalo Police are investigating a shooting that happened around 9 pm on Saturday, February 6, 2021. The incident happened near Herkimer Street and Bird Avenue in Buffalo, according to WIVB. A 23-year-old man was injured and is now in fair condition following the shooting. The victim was transported to Sisters Hospital. According to WGRZ, he was then moved to Erie County Medical Center. If you have any information that can help the police, you can call the confidential tip line at 716-847-2255.

I almost feel like we are a mini Chicago. Yesterday it was cold and snowing like a mini blizzard, but we are still having shootings on the regular. Police have caught some of the people who have been bringing illegal guns into the city. When Power 93.7 WBLK did our 'Put the Guns Down and Power Up,' Neal Dobbins, the founder of MVP Buffalo, spoke about how illegal guns are a part of the problem behind gun violence in our city. He spoke about the Tiahrt Amendment and how it 'handcuffs' law enforcement. Every day, I wonder how we can stop these shootings. So many victims and families have suffered unnecessarily.

 Here are some anti-gun violence organizations you can get involved in:

- MVP (2020 Anti-Gun Violence campaign)
- Buffalo Peacemakers
- Buffalo SNUG
- Stop the Violence Foundation"

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