This parade is, arguably, the best Buffalo parade that never was (but we all think should have been).

If you received an invitation to the Buffalo Bills Super Bowl LVII Parade on Facebook on Tuesday, you are not the only one who was confused by it. 

The Super Bowl is over…the Buffalo Bills didn’t make it. Why is this event happening now?

After a few hours, the admin for the Facebook event must have realized, “Uh oh, I never took down the event.”

Instead of removing the event from Facebook, the admin chose to postpone the Buffalo Bills Super Bowl Parade to this day in 2023 (because every Buffalo Bills fan knows…next year is our year).

You can see the details of the Facebook event here

Turns out, the event wasn’t created in 2022. The admins for this Facebook event initially came up with the parade idea back in August of 2019 in anticipation for the season. Unfortunately, we haven’t brought home a Super Bowl win yet, but that doesn’t mean that 2023 will hold the same fate. 

Western New York has been preparing for a Super Bowl parade perhaps longer than any other NFL team’s fan base. Erin from Amherst asked, “What’s the largest size dip container of Bison dip that’s made?” (I think it is 24 ounces, by the way).

So don’t lose hope: we will throw the biggest parade in Buffalo when the Bills win the Super Bowl…but plan on 2023. 

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