Game changer.

Lululemon is expensive. It is certainly not cheap, we all know that. The clothing company has said that its stores, including the Lululemon here in Cheektowaga, New York inside of the Galleria Mall, will be accepting TRADES! You can trade-in your old, used clothes.

Lululemon Cheektowaga

1 Walden Galleria Unit J105, Buffalo, NY 14225

How does this work? Where can you buy used Lululemon clothes? Where can you trade in your Lululemon clothes and how much money will they give you? Here is what we know so far:

  • Later this month, they will launch the trade-in and resale program.
  • Of course, as you probably could have imagined, the clothes you are interested in trading in have to be gently used.
  • You will then get a gift card for the value of your traded-in clothes, don't think they're going to hand you cold hard cash.
  • It does not matter how long you have them for, if you have sweat right through them, worked in them, or you have loaned them out to 10 different friends to wear (not sure why you would do that, but you get the point), they will take them back.
  • Now, what if you want to BUY some of those gently-used clothes? After all, their clothes are pretty pricey. They are going to be launching a website that you can check out and the items there will be marked down.

I said what a great idea because how many times do you buy something and only wear it once? Or, what if you go to the store and get clothes and then realize after a couple of times you wore it that it is not EXACTLY for you? You may as well go return it and get some money back and not just throw them out!

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