Like so many people; I have seen Lance Diamond perform, I have had the fortune to have worked with Mr. Diamond here at the radio station ('The Penthouse' as Lance called it) and I have had the privilege to 'hang out' with him on occasion. I remember after he recovered from a heart attack there was a benefit at The Elmwood Lounge (now Milkie's) and the GOO GOO DOLLS sent him well wishes via a video recording. He was so humbled as he watched, seeing as he helped and advised those guys early on their career. Incidentally, the DOLLS cover of The Rolling Stones "Bitch" with Lance is my favorite version of that song. Check them out from this epic 1993 performance.

A true Buffalo icon, he personified what it is to be a 'Buffalonian'. Hard working; there wasn't a venue or gig too big or too small. He lived to perform and loved to live; that is why I am excited about the documentary: “A Diamond in The Buff: The Lance Diamond Story”

WIVB 4 reported that the story of music legend Lance Diamond will come to life on the big screen TODAY (July 20) at 7 P.M at the NorthPark Theatre on Hertel Avenue along with an after-party at Milkie’s on Elmwood, one of Diamond’s longtime performance venues and ‘hang outs’.

The famous Buffalo singer died more than two and a half years ago, the documentary: “A Diamond in The Buff: The Lance Diamond Story” will premier this week. The true story of Lance Diamond is not one many people know. His sister describes him as quiet, private. What was he vocal about? His love for Buffalo. Now we’ll all get a glimpse into the glamour of his Buffalo life, on the big screen. A soul only few truly knew. But one that will soon come to life on screen, finally making Diamond’s dreams come true.

Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door head to the NorthPark Theatre website for more information.

Like the costumes he wore it is hard not to think of Lance Diamond when you see the twilights and twinkles over Buffalo.

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