These are going to be quite the collector's item! Take a look at these new Buffalo Bills wines that are on sale! The Buffalo Bills partnered with Mano Wines in order to make these limited edition bottles of wine.

They are kind of hard to find because they keep selling out so quickly in all of the liquor stores in Western New York. What kind of wines are they? The Buffalo Bills wines are:

  • California Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Sparkling White Wine
  • Sauvignon Blanc

If you can't find any of the Buffalo Bills wines in the store, you can buy them online from Mano directly. In fact, if you can actually get some pretty cool CUSTOM bottles of wine. They are kind of pricey, though.

For example, on the Mano website, you can get the 'Buffalo Bills Custom Jersey Etched Wine' for just under 60 bucks. It features a football jersey on the bottle and the Bills logo for $59.95. Then you have to pay tax and shipping. I bought a bottle in order to see how much it would cost me total and it came out to just over 77 bucks.

Not a bad idea for a birthday or holiday gift coming up. In fact, Buffalo Bills fans have started a trend with these wine bottles already. I have seen all over social media, wine drinkers will gift the Buffalo Bills wine bottles with a note that says "OPEN ONLY ON FEBRUARY 12, 2023 AFTER THE BUFFALO BILLS WIN THE SUPER BOWL".

Go Bills!

The Buffalo Bills released a statement about their partnership:

We're very excited to work with Mano's Wine to create the first ever Bills‐themed wines. Mano's focuses on hand‐painted and hand‐etched designs that house high quality urban wine," said Dan Misko, SVP of Business Development for the Buffalo Bills. "We think Bills Mafia will enjoy the collectable and customizable Bills wine bottles and are proud to announce that these are now available. We look forward to creating new bottles each season that celebrate our passionate fanbase and franchise's great history."

Buffalo Bills wines Are For Sale

Where can you buy the Buffalo Bills new wines?

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