The Buffalo Bills were grilled, literally, by a chef who asked some hard-hitting questions, including who tips the worst on the team?

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Bills at Camp

Don't get mad at us, we're just sharing what the players themselves told everyone! Chefs Darian and Cuso gave the Bills players some BBQ at camp and also asked them a bunch of questions too. Like who they would invite to a cookout, how you would cook a steak, and who is the worth tipper on the team.

The Food

Chefs Darian and Cuso made some KILLER LOOKING BBQ for the Bills, which isn't surprising of course but it made us hungry. Whatever the meat is they are serving up in the beginning of the video the Buffalo Bills posted to Twitter (pulled pork?) looks AMAZING.

The Chefs

You know Chef Darian from the Food Network and all sorts of TV appearances. He is a Jamaican chef who runs The Plating Society in Buffalo. They do private dinners, takeout, cooking classes, and a bunch of really cool things. Check them out here: 

Chef Cuso operates Cuso's Cuts which makes high-quality kitchen knives, BBQ Rubs, and more. He is the grillmaster for the Buffalo Bills as well! Check out his store here:

The Video

In the video the BIlls posted on Twitter, the CHefs teamed up to cook for and interview several stars on the Buffalo Bills, beginning with Von Miller. Check it out:

Who is the worst tipper on the Buffalo Bills?

According to the players it came down to 3 people: Isaiah McKenzie, Tre White, and Brandon Beane with Isaiah  getting the most votes (2).

What was said about Tre and Brandon though was funny, especially Josh Allen at the end!

Of course, they very easily could just be playing but one has to wonder if they are good tippers or not.

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