It’s officially fall in Western New York, and there’s just something about relaxing by the campfire, watching the leaves change, with a bottle of beer in your hand. 

Everyone has their preference when it comes to their favorite drink, and while a lot of us opt for beer, we may not agree with the best beer in America, according to a recent YouGov research study

With about 51% of the voters saying they drink it, Guinness won the title of “Best Beer in America" back in 2021, although it originated in Dublin, Ireland at a brewery belonging to Arthur Guinness. 

Heineken was second, and Corona was third, but those beers stem from the Netherlands and Mexico, respectively.

It makes you wonder…what beer was created in the United States of America?

Budweiser is one of the most “American” beers – originating at a brewery in St. Louis, Missouri, known throughout its time as a beer that supports veterans and those who served. (Remember the Budweiser Soldier Tribute commercial in 2007, and then the Budweiser: Service Never Stops commercial in 2018?) 

That summer, Budweiser donated $1 to the Folds of Honor program, every time they sold a case of Freedom Reserve. 

So far, recent research suggests that the Samuel Adams Seasonal is leading the way for most popular beer in America this year, and it makes sense. After all, that beer is named after one of our Founding Fathers, Sam Adams, created in Boston, Massachusetts, and Oktoberfest is a popular drink during this time of year.

But you may be shocked to learn that it is not  Western New York's favorite...

It’s not Labatt Blue either…

Voted #1 beer in Western New York, Bud Light gets the title of best beer! It was also made right here in America at a brewery in Missouri.  

Labatt Blue was a very close second. 

Though I will say…the most common answer received was not actually Bud Light, but rather “a cold one.”

But I think we can all agree – if you put a cold beer in someone’s hand, odds are…they’ll drink it!

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