Warm weather is on the way and if you are looking to take a trip, why not go and live in a bubble.

Yes...a real bubble. There is a very unique Airbnb is located in Silver Springs, New York that allows you to stay in a bubble tent while enjoying the great outdoors.

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The Bubble Tent at The Silverlaken Estate is a one-bedroom, one-bathroom Airbnb rental and maybe one of the most unique Airbnb for rent in New York State.

Besides the bubble tent, renters will be allowed access to the docks, shared kitchen, BBQ grills, campfire, kayaks, etc. as part of the Silverlaken Estate.

If you are planning on staying at the Bubble Tent, just know that it is not a 5-star resort. The bubble tent is like a greenhouse, so if the tent is out in the sunshine all day, the tent temperature will be hotter than normal. The usual check-in time is around 4 pm and the temperature of the Bubble tent will drop as the sunsets.

According to the posting on Airbnb, you should bring a flashlight as the host intentionally limits lighting between the buildings to reduce light pollution and enjoy the night sky. The lack of light also increases the ability to see the stars at night.

The property is run by solar power and if by chance the bubble tent loses power, the bubble will deflate but the entrance to the tent is made of metal and will remain standing allowing you to exit the bubble tent.

Bubble Tent Rental On Airbnb

Warm weather is on the way and if you are looking to take a trip, why not go and live in a bubble. 

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