Taylor Swift surprised fans at her concert in Atlanta on Friday (April 19) by performing with special guest B.o.B.

The live performance of their collaboration 'Both of Us,' sent the sold out Philips Arena into a frenzy.

Swift was so inspired by the energy that she decided to bust a move on stage and even rapped along with the verse.

If for nothing else, that's a major reason why you should watch the clip below.

"So cool that @bobatl came to the show last night and surprised the Atlanta crowd with 'Both of Us'! Insanely fun," tweeted Taylor.

The blonde country star is no stranger to the rap scene.

She performed another song with the 'Airplanes' rapper during her concert in Dallas back in 2011 and has even graced the stage alongside Nelly to perform 'Hey Porsche.'

Watch Taylor Swift and B.O.B Perform 'Both of Us'

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