Most sports are games filled with emotion, so it's not a surprise when members of the opposing teams have a disagreement on the field.

However, it does come as a surprise sometimes in a fight breaks out. It's even more surprising when a bench-clearing brawl happens with members of both teams going at each other.

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That exact thing happened on Sunday afternoon, June 26, 2022, during the Angels vs Mariners game in Anaheim, California.

It all got started in Angel's picture Andrew Wantz threw a pitch and hit Mariners Jesse Winker in the leg. The ensuing fight could be described as nothing less than a melee.

When it was all said and done, 8 people were ejected from the game, and a total of 12 members of both teams were hit with suspensions. The suspensions range from 1 game to 10 games and will cost those players and managers a nice chunk of money from their paychecks.

But, We've Seen An Even More Intense Fight

Wathcing this brawl made me start to think about other sports brawls, and of course, one of the funniest and most intense bench cleaning fights I've seen in years:

Buffalo Sabres vs Ottawa Senators

Back in February 2007, Chris Drury had to be taken out of the game after what many feel was a dirty hit leaving a big laceration across his forehead, the Sabres and Senators game devolved into an all-out brawl.

All twelve players on the ice started fighting, including goalies Martin Biron and Ray Emery. Even the team coaches started to get into on the benches.

When it was all said and done, the game was delayed more than 20 minutes, 100 minutes of penalties were issued, and 3 players were ejected from the game.

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