Grilling season is here in Western New York but Mother Nature hasn't gotten the message and rain is expected across the region all weekend long.

So if you want that amazing grilling taste of hot dogs, burgers. steaks, chicken, and more and because of the rain you can't fire up your own grill there are plenty of places to grab some great grilling food this weekend in Western New York.

If you are in the mood for some nice charcoal-grilled hot dogs, check out these amazing places.

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If you want some nice and juicy burgers, check out these burger joints in the 716.

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Thinking about a nice steak, perfectly seared and grilled that the juices flow out when you cut it with a knife.

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So this weekend doesn't let the rain get you down. You can still get great grilled food here in Western New York without getting soaked on your own patio firing up your grill.

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The good news is that we won't see that rain stick around for long. We are looking at a warmup for next week with highs in the 60s and mostly sunny skies.

If you are looking to stock on meats for grilling and want to help out non-profits make sure to check out all the meat raffles happening in the month of May here in Western New York. See the list HERE

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