With summer all but wrapped up and the family and friends who came to hang out in Western New York over the Labor Day Weekend have headed home, there;'s no doubt that some of those folks wanted to take a little bit of Buffalo with them back to where they came from.

Not that you can blame them since the 716 is really one of the best places to be in the entire country, there are so many unique and exciting things that belong here in Buffalo that make people want to come back time and time again.

So exactly what is the best thing for us to give someone who wants to be reminded of Buffalo when they get back to wherever they are at now? If you need a few ideas, check out this list of some very Buffalo things to send someone to remind them how great WNY is:


PJ's Crystal Beach Loganberry
PJ's Crystal Beach Loganberry

Whether it's Aunt Rosie's or Crystal Beach, there is just something about a nice cold can of Loganberry that lets you know that Buffalo is the best place on earth. I know plenty of people who have moved away and continue ordering it for delivery.

Anything Bills, Sabres, or Bandits

Miklmar / Canva
Miklmar / Canva

It really doesn't matter what team it is, you can count on someone wanting some Buffalo sports gear and rocking it proudly no matter where they are.

Half-Baked Pizza

Carnivorous On Delaware
Credit: Val Townsend

With so many great pizzeria in town, there's no shortage of places to get a good slice from. The great thing is, if you're out of town, several pizza places will ship you a half-baked pizza overnight for you to finish in the oven for some WNY goodness.

What are some other Buffalo-themed gifts that you think would be good to send to an out-of-town friend?

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