After the Bills and yes, the snow, the biggest thing that Buffalo, NY is known for are the chicken wings.

We don't say "Buffalo wings" and we really don't even say "chicken wings." We just call them "wings."

The cool part about Buffalo and the surrounding region is you can go to so many places and get at least decent to good wings. There are so many bad places for wings outside of Western New York and we don't really have that problem here.

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Bar-Bill, Elmos, Mammoser's, Gabriel's Gate, Wingnutz and Nine-Eleven Tavern are just a few of the places locals will tell you to go.

The Anchor Bar is another place everyone has to visit. They have great wings and is the place were chicken wings, the way we know them today, started.

Visitors always stop at Anchor Bar for wings and soon, they can get Anchor Bar not just in Western New York.

Buffalo Business First is reporting that the Anchor Bar Franchise & Development Co. LLC has signed its letter of intent to soon open five more locations, outside of Western New York, as they continue expanding across the country.

The new locations will be in:

  • College Station, Texas
  • Bradenton, Florida
  • Orlando/Lakeland, Florida
  • Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Raleigh, North Carolina

You may not realize but Anchor Bar is already operating a few non-local franchise sites in the country, like Texas, Maryland and Illinois. This new expansion will now add even more Anchor Bar franchise locations in places it had not been yet.

Locally, Anchor Bar has six franchise locations and a corporate-owned store on Main Street, which is the original location, which founded the chicken wing as we know it back in 1964.

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