According to WKBW AMC is ready to close and file for bankruptcy for many theaters that are underperforming.

The COVID crisis made things worst for the world's largest movie theatre chain when Governor Andrew Cuomo ordered all movie theatres to shut down March 16. That very same day, AMC announced it was closing all 600 of its theatres nationwide for at least six to 12 weeks.

losing 149 million dollars and being 5 Billion dollars in debt, some type of restructuring is in order for AMC.

Some Experts say with no money coming into the company its monthly expenses are at $155 million per month, which likely keeps AMC afloat until June/July.”

In the midst of trying to cut costs in the middle of the coronavirus, The company let go of more than 600 corporate employees including The CEO Adam Aron.

There are 2 locations in the WNY Area

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