A would-be active shooter was tackled and a potentially deadly attack was stopped at a drug treatment center in Buffalo. The incident took place on the morning of Thursday, November 10, 2022. The suspect had a rifle and fired shots inside the Alba de Vida drug treatment center on the west side. Buffalo Police believe the attack is linked to a robbery attempt and another shooting, according to MyChamplainValley.com.

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Thankfully, no one was injured in the attempted attack. BPD Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia said a security guard at the substance abuse center heroically tackled the shooter and, with the help of another security guard, kept him in custody until police arrived.

Of course, the security guard had an initial reaction, and then he ran directly — very close proximity — ran directly at the individual. [He] was able to grab a hold of him and the gun, and he held onto the barrel of the gun until help arrived – another security guard. Both of those security guards forced him out onto the sidewalk and held him on the ground until police arrived and were able to take him into custody.

The man had an illegal AR-15-style rifle. Police believe the man tried to rob a woman at a home on Pennsylvania Street around 8:45 am on Thursday morning. The woman was shot in the leg and taken to Erie County Medical Center for non-life-threatening injuries. Investigators believe he attacked the drug treatment center following that incident.

I hope they give the security guards fat bonuses and some time off. They definitely stopped another tragedy from happening!

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