When Gov. Cuomo banned New York State funded travel to Indiana, many people were upset that they couldn't attend the College Basketball events in Indianapolis. But today many are counting their blessings that we are all home safe after learning of an ill-fated trip to the NCAA Title game that left seven people dead.

A private plane returning from the NCAA basketball tournament in Indianapolis crashed in a central Illinois field early Tuesday morning, killing everyone on board, including Illinois State University's associate head basketball coach Torrey Ward, 36.


This is the very last tweet Coach Ward sent out. Illinois State University President Larry Dietz released the following statement about the tragic plane crash:

"Words cannot fully express the grief that is felt in the wake of such a tragedy,'' Dietz wrote, adding that both men were well-respected and much-loved in the athletics department. ''We move between shock and profound sadness.''

My thoughts and prayers go out to all of the friends and family affected by the loss of these 7 people who just wanted to enjoy college basketball's biggest night.

And to all those in the University at Buffalo Athletic Department who are disappointed that the State banned travel to Indiana, remember this; Sometimes things don't go the way you want. But God's plan always works out for the greater good.

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