When it comes to 50 Cent, anybody can get it. The Queens rap mogul recently responded to Michael Jackson's daughter, Paris Jackson, with questions about allegations of her late father's sexual involvement with boys when Paris didn't agree with one of his Instagram posts.

It all started on Thursday (Sept. 5), when 50 posted a video of Chris Brown in concert. In the clip, Breezy busts out multiple back flips on stage during a show.

"All I’m saying is I never seen MJ come out like this ‍♂️," 50 captioned the post.

Paris got wind of the post and defended her late father in the comments. "Superbowl 1993," she replied. "True legends don’t need to exert outrageous amounts of energy just to grasp your attention. stillness, my friend. stillness. more power in stillness than you can probably understand."

She added, "And I say this with zero shade to Chris, I love him dearly. This is just for you 50."

Clearly feeling slighted, 50 clapped back.

"Why am I the bad guy?" he questioned. "I understand how you feel Paris but does anyone care about how the little boys butts feel?" he said in reference to Jackson's trials for child sexual abuse in the 1990s and the recent Leaving Neverland documentary where alleged victims again brought their claims to light.

This comes days after 50 said Chris Brown is better than MJ on Instagram.

"CB better then MJ to me now, I can’t believe mike wanted to touch the little boys booty.‍♂️what the fuck man," he captioned a post about CB's streaming numbers.

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