reported that rumors have been circulating about 50 Cent launching a new record label, artist Hot Rod gives us details about the new business venture stating, "G-Unit Records is hardcore street influenced hip-hop music, but with G-Note it’s more of a pop, dance and R&B feel. I’m like a fusion of both. You’re still going to hear me rapping but it’s on a different style of production, 50 sat us all down—me, Spyder Loc — everyone. He told us straight up, ’You got to make yourselves hot. I can’t just be doing everything.’ He wanted to see what we could do independently. This was back in ’07. That’s when I took to my own grind and found promoters and did things on my own. Touring really was a big part of me getting to this point. I didn’t lose faith, I just realized I had to step up to the challenge."

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