This week New York State officials are looking at ways to prevent speeding in the state.

One idea was to mandate that all vehicles come with a "Dead Pedal" where the car's accelerator would stop working if you were going over the speed limit.

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While that might sound like a good idea to some people, there are some other ideas that car makers should be working on that everyone would love.


Check out these four things that EVERY car in New York should have.

1. Automatic Turn Signals - How many times have you been driving down the road and the car in front of you pulls into your lane and cuts you off? Of course, you had no idea they wanted to switch lanes since they didn't use their blinker. How about as soon as you start turning your wheel the blinkers start flashing? That way you know when a car is changing lanes.

car signal switch

2. Tires That Don't Go Flat - Whether you hit a pothole or run over a nail, one of the worst things about driving is getting a flat tire. How about tires that never go flat? There has to be a way to make a tire no matter what doesn't go flat.

changing a flat

3. Cars That Heat Up To Melt Snow And Ice - We already have heaters for the front and rear windows but is there a way to somehow make the home car warm up? Driving behind someone who didn't clear off their roof or hood and truck can make it feel like you are driving in a blizzard. A car that could melt all the snow and ice would be amazing.

Frozen windshield

4. A Car That Comes with "Perfect Driver" Mode - How many times have you gotten nervous as soon as a police car pulls behind you? You might not be doing anything wrong but you never know. So next time this happens, you just push a button and the car goes into perfect driver mode. You can only go the speed limit, when you turn the signals automatically turn on, your radio volume drops down to a reasonable level.

Police car on road with flash lights and siren

Give me these four things before trying to install a "Dead Pedal" in my car.

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