No wonder there were so many technical issues on Disney+ yesterday. A ton of people were all trying to use it at once.

Disney has announced that after a single day of service, Disney+ has already signed up 10 million subscribers. Analysts predicted the site would have about 8 million subscribers by the end of 2019, it’s already off to a very strong start. Variety does qualify that number, though, because it is based in part on subscribers getting a free trial they might cancel when the free period is over:

While the 10 million-plus number for Disney Plus is ahead of Wall Street’s expectations, the service carries a seven-day free trial — and a certain portion of those who have signed up won’t convert to paying subscribers of the $6.99-per-month streaming package.

For sake of comparison, Disney+’s biggest competitor, Netflix, has about 60 million subscribers (each paying more to Netflix than Disney+ subscribers pay Disney), and roughly 140 million subscribers worldwide. So even with a very high amount of interest at the start, Disney has a long way to go before it can really be considered a leader in streaming. Still, 10 million users after a single day is nothing to stream at. Just imagine how many people will be signed up when it starts releasing Marvel TV shows.

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