Every Wednesday Yasmin Young of the 2 To 6 Takeover and The People's Station will select WNY's Hardest Working Woman to feature here on WBLK.com and receive a prize! Meet our current winner, Ramona Clemons!

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  • Meet November 1st's Winner, Ramona Clemons!!

    Ramona says, "I am WNY's hardest working woman, as I am a mother of four children ages 9,8,7 and three. I do all that I can to make the best life for them. When I graduated high school I was a mother of three and I knew that failure wasn't an option. I opened up my own collection agency at 21 years old, I have a modeling management company and I am also a licensed real estate agent. I had my children young but I think I have done very well for myself and will continue to be there superwoman." We agree Ramona! Congrats and keep being amazing!

  • Meet October 25th's Winner, Nicole Magby!!

    Nicole was nominated by her older sister older sister Michelle Epps, who says "I am submitting my baby sister Nicole Magby as hardest working woman, because along with having a full time Mon - Fri, 40 hrs a week job, she still does her home care to her patient on her only off day which is Sunday. She is also the mother of 3 amazing boys (my nephews) and 2 of them are really into football. No matter what she never misses a game one plays on Saturdays, which she is there rain, sun, with food and the other on Wednesdays where she is there with her shirt cheering always, she is a wonderful outstanding single parent, I love her and proud to submit her."

  • Meet October 18th's Winner, Tiffany Hoyer!!

    Tiffany is a full-tim student and holds a full-time job! She is also the single mother of a 5-year-old, who has just entered his first year of school! Tiffany works in Tonawanda at The Salon Professionals Academy! Keep being a dope, amazing, hard working woman Tiffany!

  • Meet October 11th's Winner, Monica Dean

    Monica was nominated by one of her children, who says "My mom Monica Dean is the hardest working to me because she has three children with no help and continues to be and example to us, she doesn't bad mouth our father... she is always positive. Also my mom lost her brother and mother, the only family she had besides us and she continues to be a good mom and take care of us. She graduated from Bryant and Stratton in May and I couldn't be more proud of her!! I want to be as strong and independent as her when I get to her age. She works and helps us with our homework even when she's tired. So, I think my mommy is the hardest working loving and kindest person I know!!" Awww! That is awesome! Keep being a role model and hard working woman Monica!

  • Meet October 4th's Winner, Charell Davis!!

    Charell was nominated by someone, who says "I feel that Charell should be the next WNY Hardest Working Woman of the week for many reasons. She is a single mother of 3 children and also cares for her 2 nephews after her sister passed away suddenly. Everything she does is for the children, from volunteering at school to supporting her son's football career, all while working full-time! She is the sweetest and will give her all to those in need. She deserves the world!!!!" Congrats Charell! Keep being an AMAZING mother and woman!

  • Meet September 27th's Winner, Brendonia Duplantis!!

    Brendonia was nominated by her child, who says "She is my mom she is a manager at rent a center and also DMIT District manager in training. She works very hard. She has 5 kids. She makes sure we have all the things we need and some of the things we don't." Keep being an amazing mother and an amazing woman!!

  • Meet September 20th's Winner, Alia Brown!!!

    Alia is a freshman at Buffalo State, majoring in Communications and minoring in African-American History. She earned a 3.7 GPA in her first semester. She also works part-time at the Erie County Public Library, Frank E Merriwrather branch. Alia hosts a show on 716 Live, featuring local hip hop artist. She says, "I love the work I do in my community at the Library and as a DJ because it gives me a chance to give back to the city that has given so much to my family and I!" We salute you Alia, for being a hard-working woman!

  • Meet September 13th's Winner, Nicole Robinson

    Nicole is has a PhD in Health Communication and is currently working on a second Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She's also an author, she wrote a book called Unstoppable Joy: The Art of Finding Hope, Healing and Happiness. Nichole says, "My book discusses my journey with depression. In spite of my own struggles, I've made a promise to dedicate my life to mental health advocacy. My goal is to become a licensed therapist in order to provide affordable care to those in the Buffalo community!" Keep being AMAZING!

  • Meet September 6th's Winner, Tiearra Jefferson!!

    Tiearra is a 26-year-old woman, who works full-time and is going to school for a degree in criminal justice! She is a part of a Christian sorority called Alpha Rose Omega. Tiearra says, "I help to provide care to my 5-year-old niece. I am a faithful member of my church and have been for the last 18 years!! On weekends I devote my time to studying and doing hair with a cosmetology license, which I obtained back in 2012. I help to mentor young ladies within my inner circle, all while running a household on my own. It's not easy and sometimes can be very overwhelming, but with the help of God and staying focused and on task I manage to get the job which I take great pride!" Congrats Tiearra on all you have and will accomplish! We salute you!!

  • Meet August 23rd's Winner, Lola Clifton!!

    Lola is a fashion and beauty blogger! She says, "I am very driven, focused and passionate about my work. If you need fashion, beauty or just fun styling tips please check out my blog lolasfablife.blogspot.com or my Instagram @lolasfablife."  Keep working hard Lola, and being fabulous while doing it!