Dads often don't get the credit or love that they deserve, which is why Yasmin Young of the 2 To 6 Takeover started Father Friday! It's time for the great dads in Buffalo and WNY to get some recognition! Meet our current honoree, Jordan Southern!

  • Meet December 2nd's Dad, Jordan Southern!!

    Jordan is dad to 3 children! He is a "Great father always interacting with them and is very loving!" Keep reppin' for the good dads Jordan!

  • Meet November 18th's Dad, Austin Peach!!

    Austin is dad to 1-year-old Noelle. Sandra, who nominated Austin says, "All his actions are in regards to his baby girl! He is 100% devoted! He's a caring young man, a great father and he never lets life get him down. He is one of the best young fathers I've ever seen!!" Keep up the great job!!

  • Meet November 11th's Dad, Robert White!!

    Robert is dad to 3 children, ages 24, 23 and 15. He was nominated by his daughter Mariah. She said, "I am nominating my father because he's both daddies in one! Even though he's my step-dad, he's been there since day one! He took me in and treated as his own when he married my mother! I love that man! I commend him for so many years, 17 years to be exact!" Robert we salute you, you're an amazing dad!

  • Meet November 4th's Dad, Darren Raspberry!!

    Darren was nominated by Gloria Fontanez! She says, "He has been always going beyond keeping 3 jobs at a time just to be sure his girls have what they need and being a great role model to my son (his nephew) since the day I met him 9 years ago!! He's never changed, he's always been the same caring, responsible go-getter! He's an awesome Brother in law!" And for that, we salute you Darren!

  • Meet October 28th's Dad, Cornelius Brinson!

    Cornelius is dad to 3 children, Asia who is 11, Cornelius Jr. who is 1 and a baby boy on the way November 30th!! He was nominated by Amber Kraft, who says "I am notinating him because he is a wonderful father! He will go above and beyond for his children... He will make sure his kids will never go without!" Keep being an amazing dad Cornelius! We salute you!

  • Meet October 21st's Dad, Randall Russell!!

    Randall is dad to 6 kids! His step-daughter, Tiara Brinson, who nominated him says, "I am nominating my step father because since I was two years old he was ALWAYS there for me and my two brothers he had 3 of his own kids and still made time to love and teach us he raised 6 kids. Making us go to school shoes and clothes on our backs. Taught me how to ride a bike play kickball and baseball. When my mom couldn't, he would do me and his own daughters hair. He may not be my birth father but he is the world's greatest father and I love him for it!" We salute Randall for being an amazing dad!

  • Meet October 14th's Dad, Dustin McCarthy!!

    Dustin is dad to two sons, ages 10 and 13. Shay, who nominated him says, "This man goes without to make sure his kids have everything and I mean from everything that he didn't have growing up. He went from risking his life to switching up his life style for his kids!" That's a real dad! We salute you Dustin!

  • Meet October 7th's Dad, Darren Raspberry!!

    Darren is dad to 2 daughters, Makaila who is 5 and Myla who is 7 months old. He was nominated by Gloria Fontanez, who says "He's always been a remarkable per I've known him for 10 yes and he's a stand up guy when he had his first daughter he made it know there is nothing he wouldn't do for her and when he had his second daughter he picked up a line mans job to be able to provide everything for them both no matter what has transpired in his life he's always kept the focus on making sure his daughters and even my son OK he's a great brother in law and that's why I nominate him."

  • Meet September 30th's Dad, Clifford Booze!!

    Clifford is dad to 5 children all over the age of 21 and 4 grandchildren that he plays a big part of raising and supporting, ages 3 , 4, 7, and 14. He was nominated by Robin, who says "I am nominating my husband Clifford for Father Friday. He has 3 children from a previous marriage and we have 2 children, ages 32 and 28. Life wasn't always easy but he always found away to make things happen for his kids, often spending more time traveling to work than at work. He was finally blessed with a good job where he still worked many hours of over time. One of our children had a child at the tender age of 14. He provided care for both of them until our daughter was able to. Due to extenuating circumstances he still takes care of one of his daughters and her 2 kids. He can also take credit for helping raise two god children along the way. All this has its rewards but he did a lot of self sacrificing along the way and never complains." And for that, we salute you Clifford!! Keep up the amazing work as a dad!

  • Meet September 23rd's Dad, Jean Charelus!!

    Jean was nominated by Lex who says, "Mr. Charelus is a wonderful father! Always raving about his pride and joy Ms. Jeanette Charelus. No matter what he always makes sure his princess is set, never needing for anything. All the way from Miami FL. Jean is here to stay, so he can provide for his beautiful baby. This wonderful father has little to no days off. Jean is one dedicated father!!" We salute you Jean!