Dads often don't get the credit or love that they deserve, which is why Yasmin Young of the 2 To 6 Takeover started Father Friday! It's time for the great dads in Buffalo and WNY to get some recognition! Meet our current honoree, Dewayne Jamison!

  • Meet September 16th's Dad, Dewayne Jamison!!

    Dewayne is dad to 4 children, ages 9, 8, 7 and 3. He was nominated by Stephanie Hayes, who says "I am nominating Dewayne because he is an amazing father to all of our children. He works hard everyday to make sure the have everything they need and more. He makes sure to keep them active in activity's such as dance cheerleading football and dance. He takes time to instill the right things into them such as the importance of hard work and knowledge. He encourages them to be the best and all that they can be. He is an amazing father and I would love for wblk to help me show him how much we appreciate everything that he does for us on a day to day basis." We salute you Dewayne!

  • Meet September 9th's Dad, James 'Jayme' Howard!

    Jayme is the father of 4 kids Jaidyn, Jailah, James and a recent addition! His wife LaQonda says, "My husband is the best father I know. Besides putting in countless hours at work every week to make sure his family wants and needs for nothing. With little sleep and no complaints he never misses a beat when it comes to making us feel safe and loved. This dad right here deserves the world handed to him, wrapped in gold!"

  • Meet August 26th's Dad, David Jones Jr.!

    David is dad to 2 daughters, ages 13 and 7. He was nominated by Vivian, who said, "I am nominating David Jones Jr. Because he is a great father. He works over 40 hours a week as an engineer at a school as well as continuing to further his education in order to perfect his craft. He is doing all of this to provide a better life for his kids. He loves spending time with his daughters...his favorite things to do with them are watching movies and playing board games. He is awesome." Keep doin' what you do David!

  • Meet August 19th's Dad, Donald Speed!!

    Dondald is dad to 6 kids, 6 kids, 4 biological and 2 step, ages 15, 11, 9, 7 and 3! Ebony, who nominated him said, "He has been holding me and my children down while I study for my nursing boards. He is a great father to all the kids and a great man to me!" Keep doing a great job Donald!

  • Meet August 12th's Dad, Trey Parks!!

    Trey, who is from Niagara Falls, is a hard-working father, who just graduated college. Him and his daughter have the cutest bond!

  • Meet August 5th's Dad, John Henry!!

    John Henry is dad to 4 kids, ages 25, 24, 22 and 19! One of his daughters, Sheminah, him to be honored for Father Friday! She says, "I am nominating my father because even though we are grown, my father is still willing to jump and do anything for his four daughters and we love him to death! It's time we go in to show our father how much we appreciate him!" Great job John Henry!

  • Meet July 22nd's Dad, Anthony Watkins Jr.

    Anthony is the father of 8 kids! He was nominated by his son Austin Watkins, who says "I am nominating this father because he gives all his kids everything. He works 12 hour days to put his children through school, keep clothes on them, and feed them
    He also takes care of his father and grandchildren when they are with him. Also, he goes above and beyond for his family. He pushes his children to be the best students, athletes, and people they can be. He is the true definition of a father." Keep up the great work Anthony!

  • Meet July 15th's Dad, Donald Hill!

    Donald, who was nominated by his daughter Dalanda, was the proud father of 6 children. She said, "I'm nominating my dad because my dad went above and beyond numerous times for us whether his pockets became empty or if he had to do light work to make sure we ate every day and also because he taught us so much to hold on too mentally and physically. I just wanna nominate him to still let him know here or not he's appreciated for all he did and could never be forgotten even though he passed 3 years ago his kids still appreciate him for everything!" Rest easy Donald!

  • Meet July 8th's Dad, Kiman Baldon!

    Kiman was nominated by his cousin Chiara Milton, who says "There's a lot I could say about my cousin I'd probably could write a book but I just want to him to know that his hard work doesn't go unnoticed and I'm proud of everything that he has accomplished between raising Kamarie and going to college."

  • Meet July 1st's Dad, Robert Judge!

    Felicia Truman nominated Robert, saying "he has been a father to Micheal, who isn't his biological child, since Micheal was 3-months-old. He is the perfect father for Micheal!"