We can't guarantee that you will see a white deer here, but it is really, REALLY likely. Seneca Army Depot, Romulus, New York, has been a home to white deer since the 1940s. The U.S. Army fenced off over 20 miles of land and the deer came.

It is estimated that the white deer population has grown to over 200. The Seneca Army Depot is no longer in operation and is closed to the public; however, the Seneca White Deer, Inc. is dedicated to preserving the white deer and military history of the depot. About 800 deer, in total, live at the depot.

You might think these are albino animals if you saw them; however, the white deer are actually a variation of the white-tailed deer but they are leucistic, lacking all pigmentation in their hair but having brown-colored eyes. Albino deer have pink eyes.

The Seneca White Deer organization takes memberships, hosts tours of the depot, accepts donations, holds fundraisers and sells memorabilia to support the depot and the deer.