A 31 year-old woman from Harlem, NY is suing her doctor for informing her she tested positive for HIV  because she didn't want to know.

True story. The unidentified woman was feeling ill after gastric bypass surgery in September 2011, so she went to Dr Pavel Yutsis. He did some blood work and found she had low levels of B12 and her white blood cell count was also extremely low, so he suggested she get tested for HIV. The woman declined, but Dr Yutsis ordered the test anyway. The woman claims he violated New York state law because he tested her without consent and delivered the results.

WOW is all that can be said about this instead of this woman being thankful that she knows what is wrong with her she is suing the doctor because she didn't want to know ?  What kind of ----- is that ? I  am amazed at her priorities: she said she's now trim and sexy, evidently because of the gastric-bypass surgery which I am sure was her primary reason for doing so and not for her health.   Now she's sexy and can lure a lot of unsuspecting males to bed and then what? Pass her HIV virus.  She evidently does not want to know so she could have sex with anyone without the guilt of transmitting it to anyone. Disgusting !