NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and other owners in the league have said that the Bills basically need to get with the program and give the Bills a new stadium! Check out what the owner, Terry Pegula, has to say about it.

Tom Szczerbowski, Getty Images

During an interview with WGR Radio, Terry Pegula spoke about the concerns regarding the Bills stadium.

"We're a little different market than L.A. They think we need a stadium. That's where they're coming from. You listen to that and make your own judgement. We're looking, and we're not going to make any hasty decisions. We're evaluating," he said.

During our Talk At 2 inside the 2 To 6 Takeover, we discussed whether Buffalo thinks the stadium should move downtown, with 84 percent of the votes for 'yes'.

Terry however said, "It's so early in our ownership that our preference for a downtown stadium vs. Orchard Park is not existent."

CLICK HERE to listen to the entire interview!

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