According to The Buffalo News, seven leaders of the most violent gang in Buffalo have been arrested and are off Buffalo streets. The "BAILEY BOYS" are probably the most feared gang in Buffalo, having committed murders, robberies and any number of other violent acts, according to Buffalo's FBI Office.

The News reports U.S. Attorney William J. Hochul Jr. as saying, "This particular gang's days are numbered," suggesting the BAILEY BOYS are nearing the end of their reign and control of certain neighborhood streets in Buffalo.  Buffalo Special FBI Agent Christopher M. Piehota also added, "We are dismantling the BAILEY BOYS street gang."

It seems the general public is tired of the violence and tired of the No-Snitch mentality and are speaking up. The Buffalo News report says that several residents and store owners identified the members of the gang and that helped lead to the arrest of seven key members.

The "BAILEY BOYS" are said to be responsible for murders, robberies, many other crimes and criminal drug trafficking since 2011.

Do you think te arrest of The "BAILEY BOYS" will impact and curtail the violence on Buffalo City Streets?