The debate and the anger over young people and some OLD saggin their pants, has been going on since I can remember. My first memory of people with saggin pants was when I was ten years old. I played basketball and my father was the coach and he would make people run "suicides"(an intense excersice) if they were caught with their pants saggin. Since my Dad had always been anti saggin, I was never really allowed to walk around with my pants saggin. Pants saggin butt crack showing has never been my style.  Even though there have been times i might've been caught saggin because I didn't have a belt or some other reason it has never been intentional.  I'm going to give you a breif history of pants saggin because it came into style with my generation.  This is not a pro saggin article or an anti saggin article  attempt to make sense of a  fad.

The pants saggin style really stepped on the scene in the early 90's, there are a lot of conflicting stories about when and where the style started and why. Some go as far as saying the style has to do with homosexuality in the prison.  This is probably a rumor started by anti pant saggers, pants saggin has nothing to do with homosexualtiy and most homosexuals don't even like the style.  This is the story that makes most sense to me.  People in jail are given the wrong size clothing so their clothes are baggy.   They would get used to wearing baggy clothes and came back onto the streets and other people would see them and copy exactly what they were doing.  Saggin is a style that derives from people who want to emulate a prison lifestyle.  I think the real promoters of the saggin pants style that made it culturally acceptable worldwide was the rap group KRISS KROSS, on their Totally Crossed Out album cover. It features a  picture of the two 13 year olds wearing their pants saggin backwards. I was around ten around the time this album dropped and every young person around this time wanted to be like Kriss Kross.   By 1995 pants saggin meant you were young black and cool. Everybody had their pants saggin who was in Hip Hop.   Tupac made saggin pants legendary with his infamous "George Jefferson" walk out of the court room with his pants saggin and spitting on the TV camera.

Lets fast forward into 2012 a whole new generation of people are wearing their tight pants saggin and it still makes older people FURIOUS. If you want to piss off an older man or woman walk around with your pants saggin with your boxer shorts showing.  My question is Why Do People Wear Their Pants Saggin ? I can come up with 20 reasons why not to wear your pants saggin but I would like pants saggers nationwide to defend their reasoning for wearing their pants below their ass ? I'm not a pants sagger but here are a few reasons I can come up with why you would wear your pants saggin. :

  • Steve Urkel: I know you might laugh at this but Family Matters was on around the same time that pants saggin became a style.  No one wanted to be anything like Urkel and he wore his pants up to his elbows.  When something isn't acceptable or mocked on TV people tend to do the exact oposite.
  • They might be too poor to afford a belt: Most styles come from poor people.  If your spending all your money on the latest designer jeans, trying to live a lifestyle that is above your means.  Who needs a belt ? Even though designer belts are in style now when pants saggin first started it wasn't/
  • Most People Are Followers: In today's society everybody has an identity crisis.  It seems like everbody is trying to identify themselves with something or someone. When a kid who is already feeling awkward about his body changing in puberty sees Lil Wayne with his pants saggin he automatically follows. Sad but true.  I think if some one found a way to make money off of pants saggin people would pay it less attention.

Even though there have been many attempts by the elders to stop the fad of pants saggin.  Like telling young people how stupid they look, passing laws, proving the fact that slaves weren't allowed to wear belts, and the myth of homosexualtiy associated with saggin pants.  Even going as far to say that saggin backwards spells the N word.  I don't think any of this effective young people are always going to think saggin = swaggin.  The only way to stop people from saggin their pants is to stop the popular entertainers from saggin their pants.   Every one from Lil Wayne to Justin Bieber walks around with their pants saggin.

There is good news for the anti saggers.  Most young men stop saggin their pants by the time they reach 25.  There is also a thing called growing up, the negative connection to criminal elements that comes with saggin pants doesn't allow people to get a succesful job and grow as a person.   When maturity sets in men will stop saggin, its that simple.  Most people that are still saggin after 25 have not grown up yet.  I went to speak to Sweet Home high school yesterday and the teacher thanked me for not saggin.  My response was I'm grown Why Would I walk around with my pants saggin ? If you like to wear your pants saggin let us know Why ?