I heard different things before heading over to Cazenovia Park Sunday. I heard that the KKK was having a rally, then I heard it was a 'White Lives Matter' organization.  I was skeptical that either one was true because within myself I cannot comprehend how the "Black Lives Matter' movement's message is misunderstood.

A local couple attempts to explain their "misunderstanding" to me as I attempt to make them understand – well it barely got me anywhere as the gentleman I'm speaking with in the video "attempts to 'educate' me' as to why white men purchased slaves (from Africans) in the first place. He told me it was 'THE DEAL OF A LIFETIME'! WOW! REALLY?!

I must, however, say that although we didn't necessarily see eye to eye, as you'll see in this video. More importantly was the fact that we agreed to disagree, and there was no animosity or hatred. This video is an example of how a difference of opinion can be had without their being any level of HATE expressed!