Sure it wasn't that long ago that Buffalo, NY, got a new city slogan (admittedly one that caused a bit of controversy and confusion at first), but that doesn't mean we can't brainstorm a little.

Do you like the slogan "Buffalo. For Real"?

Buffalo has no shortage of nicknames from The City of Good Neighbors to The Queen City, The Nickel City, The City of Light, The City of No Illusions and The Queen City of the Great Lakes. But what 'slogan' do you think best describes our city?

If you were going to come up with a new slogan for Buffalo, NY, what would it be?

We've heard a few around town, and yes some of these are jokes -- NOT serious:

  • Buffalo Because Detroit Is Worse
  • Buffalo: Leave for the Weather, Come Back for Everything Else
  • Buffalo, We've Got It All – Especially Snow
  • Buffalo Where You Can Experience All Four Seasons in One Day
  • Buffalo Come for the Art Leave for the Weather
  • Sports, Wings, Beer +  Art We've Got It All
  • Buffalo: Home of the Number One Tailgate
  • Buffalo: No City Has More Pride
  • Buffalo: The Only Place Wings Are Acceptable Breakfast, Lunch + Dinner

Share YOURS with us in the comments below!