The schools nominated in the 2015 WBLK Prom Takeover contest are spread out all across Western New York. So, which school do YOU think deserves to have us TURN UP at their prom?

Why not let the students themselves convince you! Check out what kids from each school have to say about why their school deserves to have WBLK at prom -- and then click here to go vote for which school you think should win!

Charter School for Applied Technologies

I think our school should win Prom Takeover because we never have the chance to do things that are actually fun. I am a senior who has been going to this school since I was in
Kindergarten. Two years ago we won the prom takeover and it was SOOOO fun. If we were to be chosen for this contest it would definitely let the seniors of 2015 go out with a BANG!!!!!

-- Jordan F.

I think our school should win because we are the largest Charter school in New York state and most of the seniors have attended this school since kindergarten and having this prom take over will be an amazing way for us to have so much fun together in our last days.

-- Brianna S.

Cheektowaga Central High School

Last year our school really tried our best to win this contest! When we found out we didn't win we were stuck with a run down $30 dj. He didn't play any of the music we requested and most of the time nobody was on the dance floor. We would really appreciate it if we won because we have a school full of people that like to dance and have a good time and the seniors really need to enjoy their last time all together!!
-- Janelle T.

Health Sciences Charter School

Health Is a Great School To Attend & We Should Have The Best Prom Out Of the Buffalo School

-- Neea J.

Hutchinson Central Tech High School

I believe my school should win because as one of the top high schools in buffalo, this is my last year class of 2015 and we would love to go out with a bang and an awesome prom. We are academically in great standings but we also know how to turn up. We need wblk , we are stuck with a crappy dj and the hutch tech seniors need your help.

-- Taliyah P


McKinley Vocational High School

Because we're awesome and have the best champion sports ever

Middle Early College High School

Middle early college is a great school. We're working hard for our associates degree , so that you can see us in colleges instead of on the streets. The students,teachers, and principals are optimistic. We're striving for our goal. We deserve a nice Prom especially from you guys.
-- Autumn P.

My school should win because we are a really small school and we don't get that much attention because of our size but if we do win this I think it would be such a wonderful experience. We don't really have much to look forward to except prom so having the prom takeover would change a lot. Please WBLK we would really love this!!!

-- Alexa M.

Sweet Home Senior High

My school should win because we know how to turn up but we don't have the right music or DJ to help us turn up!

-- Diamond C.

Tapestry Charter School

My school should win because we are an amazing school and been working hard all year to graduate. We deserve to win this competition for all of our hard work.We want to leave Tapestry with a bang!!

-- Juaneisha L 

Western New York Maritime Charter School

It is my senior year which means my last prom ever! The Class of 2015 at WNY Maritime Charter school are all really close like a family and we have all decided we wanted to go out with a BANG! And have the school remember our class for something. With all the hard work and dedication towards our grades these last 4 years we all want this last prom to be special, fun and unforgettable! We feel that entering this contest if we win this will top all of our expectations for prom this year! We hope you consider our nomination! WNY Maritime Charter School thanks you for your time !
-- Andraya Z